Our botanically derived cold pressed oils and essential oils soothe, cleanse and restore the skin's protective moisture function.

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At The Sensitive Skincare Co we have dedicated ourselves to caring simply for all sensitive skin-types using only the purest, organic, sustainable and natural botanical ingredients throughout the range. Our products are hand poured in small batches. We use biodegradable and vegan ingredients which are free of chemicals such as propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan and parabens. There are no perfumes, synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, talc or petrochemical based alcohols in the products.

When possible we use organic, local, cruelty free, self tested products designed for sensitive skins.

If you have a delicate skin we highly recommend that you always bathe in de-chlorinated water.

Our bath and shower filters remove the skin drying and irritating chemical Chlorine from bathing water. The filters also soften hard water.

Dermatologists and skin specialists now agree that restoring the skins moisture function is the most effective first step in overcoming the symptoms of an eczema prone, dry sensitized skin.

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