• All Natural Instant Relief Body Spray

    • All Natural Instant Relief Body Spray
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      A soothing spray for irritable and inflamed skin. Roman chamomile and helichrysum hydrosol provide natural anti-inflammatory relief.

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    A wonderful soothing, cooling spray for all irritable and inflamed skins. Perfectly safe for use on babies, children and adults.  Use on babies to help nappy rashes, dribble rashes and any signs of irritation from eczema.

    Roman chamomile and helichrysum hydrosol provide natural anti-inflammatory relief from all types of skin rashes and insect bites.

    Keep refrigerated. Spray very lightly onto the irritated area and let the skin absorb until dry.

    100ml bottle with clear spray


    Helichrysum and Roman chamomile hydrosol

    Our Instant relief spray can help as well especially if there is a weepy rash on the scalp or anywhere else on the body or the face.
    This product contains the hydrosols of 2 essential oils, Helichrysum & Roman Chamomile. A Hydrosol is the steam which is left over in the extraction process whilst making essential oils. So it is very gentle being pure water with tiny droplets of the essential oil contained within it. This makes the Hydrosol very effective whilst at the same time being very gentle on the skin.

    The essential oil Helichrysum has the ability to inhibit the growth of the yeast and to stop any bacterial infection in it’s tracks, whilst the essential oil Roman Chamomile is very soothing and alleviates the itching almost immediately. This spray is perfectly safe for use on babies and small children.

    It will not make the hair sticky…..simply spray the Instant relief onto the scalp all over making sure you dampen the scalp and then simply leave it to dry. You should see and feel a visible improvement within 24 hours. In 2 or 3 days the itchiness should have gone.
    Do this daily until the irritation has disappeared.

    Wash the hair and scalp thoroughly well before bedtime and leave it to dry.
    When hair has dried, start by spraying the scalp and letting it dry just before bedtime. If initially the scalp is still itchy in the morning, apply Instant Relief again onto the scalp and letting it dry. Just keep on applying whenever you are suffering from the irritation.

    Weight 160 g